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Hardware & Fixtures are coming soon… we are currently working on picking out quality hardware’s and fixtures.

Choosing the right Cabinet Hardware can compliment your cabinets and elevate the look and feel you are looking for. Cabinet Hardware’s can also make your kitchen and bathroom storage much more convenient and keeping your cabinetry nice and clean.

Faucets, whether it is for your kitchen, your bar, or your bathroom, it is a very important piece of fixture in a home. We need it to wash our hands and clean our dishware’s every day. Keep in mind that that some faucets come with a nozzle spray while others need to be purchased separately.

Two standard sink styles, undermount and topmount. Undermount sinks gives a cleaner look and makes cleaning your countertop easy. Topmount sinks can give your area a statement, making it decorative or a piece of accent in a bathroom.

No matter what Hardware & Fixture you choose, we are sure you will love it as an addition to your home

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